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Black Cherry Bombshells on iPhones & iPads

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The ultimate zombie killing girl gang premieres on the DC Comics App.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - THE BLACK CHERRY BOMBSHELLS debut on the DC Comics App Wednesday, October 6th. The horror strip about zombies and tough girls fighting for survival in a post apocalyptic Las Vegas is the brainchild of writers Tony Trov and Johnny Zito along with female artist Sacha Borisich. 

The Black Cherry Bombshells is the tale of ultra-violent girl gangs fighting for supremacy of a doomed future.  There; every man on Earth has been mutated into a flesh-eating zombie. The Black Cherry Bombshells - wild, tattooed bandits - are gaining a reputation as the baddest bootleggers in Vegas. That doesn’t sit well with the local crime boss; the woman they call ‘The King.’

Check out the Harvey Nominated comic that says “Successfully super-imposed female characters over traditional male action movie roles” 

Check out the official Black Cherry Bombshells’ Trailer and tune into on October 6th.

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