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Hi there everyone!

Just passing by to remember tomorrow sees the release of Grim Leaper #4, which is the last issue of this insane mini-series which I am very proud of having been part of.

Today I’m posting both colors and black and white pages as per usual, I hope you like them! Tomorrow I’m back with the cover and some sketches for the final issue too!

Many series’ easter eggs in the double spread :)

You can find Grim Leaper #4 at your local comics store, or at Comixology: http://www.comixology.com/Grim-Leaper/comics-series/7916 (still without the link for #4 today tho)

Hope you enjoy the conclusion :)

We got to hang out with our Brazilian buddy @AluisioCSantos this weekend at #NYCC.  Check out his work on Grim Leaper from Image comics.

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