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Some gems I found in old sketchbooks. Managed to draw pikachu only two times in them. I haven’t posted a comic in a while, and so I figured I’d post this never-before-seen/unfinished/not-that-great comic from a long while ago. I don’t think people would get it unless if they’ve ever roleplayed or played some kind of rpg…

So, with this unseen, unfinished comic, I think having something like this up is good in order for me to say that I’m taking a small hiatus from comic making.

I don’t really know what happened.

Trying to be funny a lot is hard, and trying to find yourself in your work is even harder. It’s been a long time making ridiculous stuff that makes me laugh (most important— makes ME laugh), but I was getting exhausted and frustrated after a while and altogether just stopped making things, which is the most horrible thing in the world. I wasn’t talking about what I wanted to be talking about with my work, and I knew it for a long time… I just didn’t know how to address it in a way I saw fit in comics. I didn’t think I could, because what I wanted to address wasn’t very funny, or I was trying to figure out an angle how to make light of a dark situation. Bummer, right?

To be an artist, a person who went to school for art— a person who spent tons of money on it, even money that didn’t exist… It’s a tragedy watch everyone create things except you.

And then that’s when you start taking your day job label with a depressing seriousness… when the balance of what you do with your time to make money overpowers the amount of time you devote to your passion and ultimate goals.

I stopped making things for myself and I started making things that I thought would maybe appeal to everyone else. I can’t find myself in that work at the moment, though bouts of ridiculousness will always return or else I’ll go fucking batshit. I am, however, very excited to continue to work on these more private and personal pieces and am proud to not feel like I can be boxed in anymore… which is a problem I faced and many others have seemed to face post graduation. If this gets me less tumblr followers, so be it.

Stay beautiful babies.

Kate Eagle’s ol sketch book.

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