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Same painting— one is front-lit and one is back-lit. I found this out by mistake when I was holding up trying to figure out if I was done. I painted over a lot of the painting with white, which is what I did with the last one. I think if I were to display this, I would want the option of someone being able to turn on a back light.

We’ll see if I can have a better scan of this later, assuming I’m finished with it.

I felt very driven, guilty, heartbroken, sympathetic, angry and frustrated making this one. It’s about my mother, her mind and what our relationship has become. What is almost harmless to the outsider is toxic when you’re on the other side, which is interesting that I discovered the backlit version to be exactly that.

I think it calls itself “I get what I deserve.” She says that a lot.

I have a couple of other paintings in mind already and will probably post something again soon. Getting into some taboo territories here.


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