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Hello ladies and gentleman! 

Grim Leaper #2 is out today! And so is that second printing cover version as well, if you missed getting the first edition. Kurtis and me are very proud of each issue, I hope you like it, and let us know what you think : )

As like in last issue, I like being a bit educational about the process, so here’s what happened for #2 cover:
Initially Grim Leaper didnt have a release date set on stone, so we hadn’t had a lot of idea about the deadline to submit the covers and etc yet (after you find out which month it’s coming out, you have to pump out a new cover every day 15th or so of the following months) however, we soon discovered our second cover were due in 2 days (!!), so I had to think of something quick, or that didnt take 3 days to do, like the first cover. We discussed an idea, and quickly I came up with that digital sketch. Everybody liked it at first, but when I did the lineart, it seemed a bit too exagerated in the girls pose, and perhaps a bit of classiness the original idea had was traded for sexiness, which hm, wasnt the idea. So instead now, I printed the red thumbnail in huge size, pencilled over it and then inked again. I think it worked well in the end!

Here are some links you can use to get your issue:
Heavy Ink:

Comixology for digital version:

Cya soon!

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    I love the Title of this Mini Series [ The Grim Leaper ] has such an Sexy yet Frighting ring to it .^_^ to me both...
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    Eagerly awaiting my copy in the mail!
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